Banks Muscle Up For Fight With States’ Attorney Generals!

Bank of America is loading up big guns for the coming battle over its mortgage practices. It has picked up former Virginia Attorney General Richard Cullen and Brian Boyle, formerly of the Justice Department.

From the Reuters article

Richard Cullen, chairman of the McGuireWoods law firm and Virginia attorney general from 1997-1998, is one of the lawyers representing the nation’s largest mortgage servicer. Cullen has already been communicating with the offices of various state attorneys general, according to a source familiar with the investigation.

Here’s more from further down in the same article –

Cullen served on President George W. Bush’s legal team during the Florida vote recount after the 2000 presidential election. He also represented Republican Tom DeLay in a recent federal probe that did not result in any charges being filed against the former U.S. House of Representatives majority leader.

Through a spokesman Cullen declined to comment on Bank of America. The company also did not answer questions on Wednesday.

Bank of America has also turned to a former top Justice Department lawyer in the George W. Bush administration to represent it in dealings with state attorneys general.

Brian Boyle, formerly principal deputy assistant U.S. attorney general, participated in a conference call between the bank and representatives from the Florida attorney general’s office, a spokeswoman for the office said.

It’s a pity that the Americans who were the victims of these practices will have to fight without picking up this kind of firepower.

But there is such a thing as justice and if these practices are as nefarious as they appear to me.

Justice will come.

James Pilant