Sheldon Whitehouse Weighs In On The Foreclosure Crisis

There is deep concern in Washington over the damage the foreclosure crisis might do to banks and the “recovery” in the marbled halls of our elected representatives, their expensive lobbyists and the beltway media.

They worry about the banks. I don’t waste a moment on them. The poor banks. God, I’d hate to get up in the morning and be as friendless, attorneyless and helpless as a major financial institution.

Here what I would like to hear more of. From the Huffington Post

I have heard from constituents being ignored and abused in the foreclosure process: documents repeatedly lost, inconsistent advice, hours trapped on the phone, and common sense turned on its head to reject fair modifications in favor of foreclosure. I have heard from mayors about the terrible collateral cost to communities from foreclosure. I have watched the big loan servicers drag their feet in the Obama Administration’s well-intentioned mortgage modification program. And most recently, we have all learned that these companies have been playing fast and loose in their foreclosure process, carrying out foreclosures in the cheapest manner possible, often outsourcing the process to a “foreclosure mill” document processing company.

Trapped in administrative purgatory, real families suffer when the big banks and their servicers force foreclosures. Children pack up their rooms; parents struggle to find a temporary roof. We owe these families a fair chance to stay in their homes, and a humane, logical and orderly foreclosure process if all else fails.

That’s what I want to hear.

James Alan Pilant