Pennies-Be-Gone: The Ethics of Rounding (via The Business Ethics Blog)

Chris MacDonald gets high marks from me. His writing is good all the time. And this one is one of his best.

Read about the ethics of the decline and fall of the American penny!

James Pilant

Pennies-Be-Gone: The Ethics of Rounding The always-useful Consumerist brings us this story, with a self-explanatory title: A Lone Dunkin' Donuts Sort Of Abolishes Pennies One donut shop is taking a stand against the bacteria-ridden zinc disks of suck that are pennies. Reader Tom sent us [a photo of a sign] from a store he recently visited. In a policy change that was probably born during an 8 AM rush, this franchise appears to be are rounding customer totals up or down to the nearest f … Read More

via The Business Ethics Blog