Robo-Signing Foreclosure Freeze Update (via Foreclosureblues)

The guys at Foreclosureblues are hard workers and well informed. They have dubbed the current crisis, Robo-gate. I like it!

This is their update on the situation. It’s thoroughly excellent. It’s a good summary. It is worthy of your time.

James Pilant

Robo-Signing Foreclosure Freeze Update Robo-Signing Foreclosure Freeze Update Today, November 05, 2010, 7 hours ago | Sean O'Toole Here’s a quick update on the impacts we are seeing from “Robo-Gate”. For those that missed this major foreclosure news item, robo-gate refers to the foreclosure freezes implemented by various lenders after revelations that foreclosure filings were being attested to in a robotic fashion that may not have met legal requirements. In the beginning the freezes … Read More

via Foreclosureblues