Business Confidence Ratings!

Bank confidence level is 22%.

Well, that’s awe inspiring.

What about big business? 16%

That’s less than Congress.

I bet they worry at night.

I bet they’re scared.

If there was an actual political party willing to defend the public and enforce the law, they might find some votes.

What do you think?

James Pilant

P.S. Those are the 2009 numbers. In 2010, their approval rating went up dramatically – 23%.

2 thoughts on “Business Confidence Ratings!

  1. I just saw the movie “Inside Job” that explores the failures in the banking industry and how it created the financial services-driven recession in 2008. I highly recommend the movie to learn more about how and why the banking and financial services industry was able to bring down the economy. After seeing the movie I wonder why the bank confidence level isn’t even lower!


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