The Lively World Of Ethics!

Let’s take a little run around the internet and see what other blogs are saying about business ethics.

The web site, Modern Pensees, takes a very tough stand on society as a whole considered in the light of the cheating scandal at UCF Business School.

The Ethical Dilemma, subtitled as Life as a “do it all” deals with ethics from a Christian perspective.

Jayaribcm’s Blog is a very learned and well written. He has recently discussed corporate governance and corporate social responsibility in his blog. If you are a student writing a paper or a columnist looking for background, this is a good web site.

Homophilosophicus writes about business ethics from an Irish perspective. He subtitles his web site, “A commentary of the perplexed.” This guy writes well. He’s a teacher, and I would like to be one of his students. It’s obvious he believes in the importance of his craft. I appreciate that.

Ricks Picks is an interesting concept. Each day he lists three web sites he recommends. He recommends business ethics sites from time to time, which is why it came up on my search. It’s a fun approach and it makes sense when one has a busy schedule. I looked at his picks, they’re pretty good.

Leading In Context LLC is discussing business ethics as applied to ethical consumerism.

The web site, UH HUH HER, discusses the ethics of consumerism. It is written “by the girl.” “The girl” can write. It’s a little off beat, but she knows what she’s talking about. I’d give it a look.

Well, this is the different ways people talk about business ethics in their blogs. We ranged from very conservative Christianity to a CSR expert in India, to a dedicated teacher in Ireland and finally wound up reading a post “from the girl.” I’m glad you went with me. This was great fun, albeit very time consuming. Still I met some new people. Some of them are warriors in the field of ethics. They will probably become allies and friends. You can join the struggle, too.

James Pilant