Ho-Hyung (“Luke”) Lee – Realizing A Better World

One of the great pleasures of writing a blog is that you can say nice things about people. One of my friends on Facebook is Ho-Hyung (“Luke”) Lee.

This is from his web site, Realizing A Better World, –

In the Industrial Age, one plus one equaled two, using simple arithmetic. However, in the Modern Information Age, one plus one could produce 5, 10 or even 20, given the possibility of geometric progression. Such integration or synergistic effects can be achieved relatively easily with the increased communication capability that has resulted from the development of IT and networking technology. Moreover, the global information exchange enabled by the World Wide Web has made them more broadly realistic.
However, this increased communication capability has greatly influenced and brought major changes to all participants in the market. Almost all of the individual units on the supply side have greatly increased their productivity and efficiency. As a result, the ratio of employment to investment has been reduced. On the demand side, consumer knowledge and recognition have increased greatly, and this is directly linked to the abrupt escalation in consumer needs and wants. It is likely that this pressed the increase in consumer spending on the demand side.

He is a complex thinker, something of a specialist in markets. I enjoy his writing. I think you will too.

James Pilant