“Inside Job” The Director Speaks

Charles Ferguson directed the documentary “Inside Job.” He writes about his thoughts and conclusions from creating the documentary.

One of the things he found puzzling (as do I), doesn’t doing serious long term damage to the nation’s infrastructure like roads, bridges and education become a concern for the financial elites since over time it damages their American investments?

Here’s the answer.  (from the article)

The financial services industry and the most successful American multinational firms now obtain rapidly increasing fractions, often already the majority, of their investment, employees, and revenues from (a) other wealthy individuals and corporations and/or (b) outside the United States. Over the last two decades their political interests, contributions, and lobbying have gradually followed these larger trends. As a result, the political duopoly has overseen a massive disinvestment in the future of the United States and the American people, and a massive transfer of wealth from the bottom 90% of the population to the top 1%. Taxes on dividends, high incomes, capital gains, and estates have sharply declined, while tuition at public universities, hours worked per family, household debt, and government deficits have all increased.

They have no interest in the long term future of the nation. This nation is similar to the Wild West idea of Robbers’ Roost.

Robbers’ Roost is a town hidden in the hills where the outlaws go to hang out. There is no law there. They do what they feel like. They are safe from the sheriff and all those people they took stuff from.

The United States is going to be a great big friendly place for people with lots of money and few morals. One law for them. One law for us.

James Pilant

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  1. Inside Job – I had posted one on this after reading Kathleen Parker’s article in WP.http://wp.me/p18MVb-w I went thru all the videos of Inside Job. Brilliant. My note mentions: “Finally a word for the Rating agencies. In Inside Job we have seen expression of ‘holy cow’ or ‘triple A rating’ a few days before the collapse leading to financial crisis 2009. Rating agencies as well the financial sector have no clue what they rate as on today bringing down countries at their whims or give finance for. Meaning a substance is not created that Action starts without it. The result is unmanageable and a sure sign of disaster as Iraq invasion.”

    I am ready to join you to talk to Charles Ferguson, whom I have very high regards as his FrontPage was fantastic one, before Microsoft bought it from him, and come out with ‘What’s the way out?’


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