Jason Michael McCann/homophilosophicus Comments On My Post – No More X-Rated Searches!!@!

I met Jason Michael McCann online. He teaches in Ireland. He is a philosopher. Here he is commenting on my blog post – “No More X-Rated Searches!!@!” (He has a wonderful blog, homophilosophicus, and if you don’t read it you are missing out on the works of a learned and thoughtful man.)

As Christians also, Dear James, we have a moral obligation to preserve the dignity of others. Without doubt there is the question of a trade-off between the perceived need for security and human dignity. My fear is that this too may be related to the circle; a refusal on the part of security keepers to acknowledge respect to the human person may fuel the need for security.

Jason Michael

He is absolutely right. There is a Christian duty here. We have a duty to God and man to act with respect and kindness to blameless others. We are failing in this.

These searches are indicative of a wider malaise in our society. Our willingness to accept any means to thwart a possible terrorist attack is turning us into shadows of human beings. We are so frightened we are unable to say stop without being attacked for “strengthening” the terrorists.

These searches are wrong.

These searches are an example of this nation losing its way.

We are better than this.

Tell me, if there is a terrorist attack at a grade school, are we going to pat down every six year old, run them through a magnetic resonance machine? What about at a federal building, the Statehouse, the Governor’s Mansion, County Courthouses? Are we going to get “felt” up everywhere we go? every bank? every factory? Where does the fear end? ever?

Should we start building bunkers in our backyards, stocking up a years supply of canned goods?

Is that where I live? Is that the moral fiber of my fellow citizens? To be led around by the nose like cattle because we’re afraid?

Are we like the cowardly lion, possessed of a half trillion dollar defense, but never feeling safe?

When do we start living with courage?

We don’t have to live like this.

James Pilant

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  1. James Selvey

    I agree 100%. I would also add that I believe that as we add these new “security” measures we are really allowing those who wish to harm us to alter how we live. And if this contiunes then we will be led by fear and not by the spirit of courage that this country was founded upon.


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