Lots of Links on the Foreclosure Fraud Crisis (via Rortybomb)

As usual, our good friend, Rortybomb does not let a day go by (even a holiday) without staying on top of the mortgage foreclosure crisis.

My compliments!

James Pilant

If you are not reading Rortybomb, let me ask you, “Why not and how soon can you start?”

Like you were going to get any work done today. Chris Hayes has really been on the foreclosure crisis over at MSNBC. Here he is, substituting for Lawrence O'Donnell, interviews noted foreclosure defense attorney Bubba Grimsley about servicer abuse. I can't embed the video, but the link is here (also here). Here he is on Rachel Maddow also interviewing Matt Taibbi on the recent foreclosure fraud … Read More

via Rortybomb