Revolutions are the Locomotives of History (via homophilosophicus) [7]

Homophilosophicus is angry. Big Time Rage. So, keep your computer away from combustibles and read.

James Pilant

Revolutions are the Locomotives of History Ireland has betrayed her children. No more can the republican rhetoric of the young state name the Saxon as the cause of all Irish woes; the current crisis was the cause of an wholly Irish government elected by the people of Ireland. The community of Ireland has been stripped and shamed by powerful and corrupt Irish men and women. However much this employment of famine economics may be reduced and subjected to a post-colonialist analysis, and a c … Read More

via homophilosophicus

2 thoughts on “Revolutions are the Locomotives of History (via homophilosophicus) [7]

  1. Andrew

    I don’t mean to be prejudicial, but is this guy a member of the IRA by chance? Sounds like IRA rhetoric he is spouting off.


  2. No, this is moderate, very moderate, compared to IRA. Homophilisophicus is willing to place responsibility on the Irish government rather than the British. IRA would never do that. Some of the IRA verge toward anarchism.
    He’s a patriot. He’s got a different believe system. jp


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