Budget Day 2010 (via homophilosophicus)

Today, our friend is getting ready to go back out in the streets. There is a demonstration today against the government loan and the austerity measures that go with it. You can get hurt doing this kind of thing. I’ve never had the opportunity to march in the street in the face of well prepared police with horses and dogs. I’m not looking forward to having such an opportunity. I’m afraid of horses when they are just standing docile. I can only imagine what they can do in the wrong hands. As for dogs, well, I’ll let your imaginations work.

Say something appropriate to your deity, your universal force, your philosophical ideas, for today is a demonstration in the face of a hostile police.

James Pilant

Budget Day 2010 Dear diary, Readers please forgive the histrionics and the self-indulgent personal nature of this entry. Having begun what was intended to be an articulation of theology, this weblog has fast become the diary of the ruin of the New Ireland. Hitherto it has been the objective of these articles to avoid the irritating use of the first person singular, but tonight; well tonight is different. I am in a somber and confessional mood. Of consequence the … Read More

via homophilosophicus