An Irish Show of Irish Strength (via homophilosophicus)

Our buddy in Ireland has survived the demonstration to bring us an account of it. It was not very successful and there was no violence. (I like the no violence part.) He gives an account of the events of that day in usual modest way. It was a good read for me.

James Pilant

An Irish Show of Irish Strength There once was a time, before the introduction of the blasphemy law (January 1st 2010), when one could find a comic picture postcard in the tourist trap shops of Dublin citing all the reasons why Jesus was Irish. It ran something like this: "Jesus was Irish because he never got married, he was always telling stories, he lived at home until he was thirty three, he was convinced his mother was a virgin, and she was sure he was God." At the best of … Read More

via homophilosophicus