Bank Of America Next WikiLeaks Target – Bank Digging For Dirt

The headline to my quoted article says that the bank is digging for dirt on itself. This is just PR. They know exactly what they don’t want people to know. Bank of America wants to give the impression that it’s such a hugh and confusing organization that nobody really had a handle on everything going on. Nonsense.

Frankly, I’m excited. This bank has been a key player in the mortgage foreclosure crisis and has just settled some buyback lawsuits. Let’s see exactly what they thought of the quality of their ownership chain. Let’s see what their internal memos said about the speed of the foreclosures, their refusals to renegotiate mortgages and their thoughts on the President’s plan to help homeowners.

I promise you a careful look at these documents as soon as I can get to them.

From The Lookout from Yahoo News

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange recently confirmed that Bank of America will be his next target — so it’s not surprising that the nation’s largest bank is now in damage-control mode. Still, the megabank’s methods are a bit unorthodox. Instead of trying to frantically pin culpability elsewhere in the great chain of financial dealing, BofA executives are actually digging for dirt on the bank’s own operations, the New York Times reports. That way, the reasoning goes, the bank’s messaging team will be better positioned to spin any damaging revelations that surface from WikiLeaks.

Do people believe this stuff? Doesn’t this sound more like the plot for an episode of a television comedy?

James Pilant

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