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Wordpress Theme

I’ve changed themes on my blog. I sometimes posted more than three times a day (one day I did nine). My previous theme was a three column and it was difficult to look at more than three articles I began to get concerned that my kind readers would only see the three posted when they visited. So, I went to a single vertical column with a list of recent posts off to the right. The theme also places my blogroll right at the top. I like that.

If you like the change or don’t the change, please let me know.

I changed it to make your blogging experience more user friendly.

James Pilant

3 thoughts on “A New Theme

  1. I looked at it again and I think you are right. But I went through all of WordPress’ themes before choosing it. The way it lays out material is so much better than the other choices. I am going to stick with it for a while until the premium ones have all the bugs out. James Pilant


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