Honest Cop Nears Retirement Sans Fair Deal During Career (via The Times of India)

Frank Serpico was an American (New York) police officer who refused to go along with departmental corruption. He later received the Medal of Honor, the New York Police Department’s highest award. Serpico was less than popular with his superiors and his fellow officers. There are strong suspicions that his shooting while making a drug bust was a set up by other policemen to get him out of the way.

Manoje Nath

In India there is a policeman called Manoje Nath.  He seems to upset his superiors as well.

From the article

As Bokaro SP in 1980, he arrested the then Bokaro Steel MD in a corruption case and was handed transfer order within 24 hours __ only after four months in office. While in vigilance, he again ended up fraying his superiors’ ego as he raided three engineers in a case of corruption. For the next ten months, the cop had to make do without a vehicle and a telephone as he was made to wait for a posting. A departmental proceeding for disobedience was also initiated which the Patna high court later quashed.

This guy investigates where the career minded officer will not go.

My understanding is that he is currently teaching.

I’m deeply impressed by his career choices and wish him well.

James Pilant

(By the way, Nath has a blog called Musings. He is witty and eloquent. I recommend it.)

8 thoughts on “Honest Cop Nears Retirement Sans Fair Deal During Career (via The Times of India)


    I am proud to say that Mr. Manoje Nath Sir is the one of the most great honest IPS officer in Hindustan, Hon’ble Chief Minister Of Bihar Must think over it while saying that he is fighting with corruption then why he is ignoring a dry honest efficeint officer. I salute Hon’ble Manoje Nath jee for his great talent and Honesty…..Jai Hind !!!!!


    1. I very much appreciate your comment. I invite you to come back any time to pass on your thoughts and opinions.
      I, too, am deeply impressed by Nath’s career. James Pilant


  2. Dr .Varesh Nagrath

    It is really painful to see that Mr Manoje has not received his due. Same happened with Harishchandra , Ram ,Yudhishter etc . However, the end will be Great .Lfe is like is a marathon. We should not perceive the fore-runner as a winner in marathon. This long race continues even after death .God is watching everything and will take due action when needed.Holy Bible also says “vengence is mine “. Mr Nitish knows in his heart what wrong he has done. He should rectify himself if he is really honest.


  3. Anil

    It is really important for all of us Indians to realize that our future and well-being is also at stake with the fate of Manoje Nath’s struggle. India has everything — hardworking people, intelligence, inventiveness (jugaad), resilience, history, perspective, philosophy and money (lots and lots of it). But everything is being destroyed only because corruption is, slowly but surely, negating every other advantage. Let us support and highlight Manjoe Nath’s crusade, disseminate it as widely as possible, so maybe we can stop the spectacle of our Prime Minister shamelessly telling the nation that his ministers don’t listen to him because he is leading a coalition govt – as if he is the first coalition leader.


  4. Anand Nath

    I really don’t know what this government is up to. As as a serving police officer Mr. manoj nath took it upon himself to fight corruption among his colleagues. it was a no mean feat which would have earned him national honour or reward in whatever form. sadly, this honest police officer who is worthy of reward still is struggling. being a youth of India i m very disappointed and aslo ashamed to see the working of the Bihar government….


  5. abhishek

    Truth is mighty and will prevail. Manojenath Sir, is like a disrupter of corruption and a champion of progressive thought. He possesses a vision that would show a clear path and change the nation for the better. Bihar’s development would be incomplete and superfluous if such an officer is not given the due reward. It is a debt on government’s conscience. I salute such a brave-heart and honest officer.


  6. Vikas Saboo

    Its really disgusting to see a able-capable-honest official of our nation is treated as filth whereas the corrupt & butter polishers are given lead posts. I am baffled with Nitish Kumar who is making noise against corruption with his guns on most corrupt official shoulders. I wish TimesNow’s Mr. Arnab Goswami take this charge to look his profile, for we admire Arnab as LeadIndiaCampaign against Corruption.


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