There Are Holes In U.S. Radiation Monitoring Stations

From Associated Press

Parts of America’s radiation alert network have been out of order during Japan’s nuclear crisis, raising concerns among some lawmakers about whether the system could safeguard the country in a future disaster.

Federal officials say the system of sensors has helped them to validate the impact of nuclear fallout from the overheated Fukushima reactor, and in turn alert local governments and the public. They say no dangerous levels of radiation have reached U.S. shores.

In California, home to two seaside nuclear plants located close to earthquake fault lines, federal authorities said four of the 11 stationary monitors were offline for repairs or maintenance last week. The Environmental Protection Agency said the machines operate outdoors year-round and periodically need maintenance, but did not fix them until a few days after low levels of radiation began drifting toward the mainland U.S.

What do we measure it for anyway? So, the government can explain with a tiny bit more credibility that they have no idea what is happening in Japan but that there is no danger here? The governments both state and local are committed to nuclear power. It doesn’t matter how much radiation is in the air. It’s what is going to be done.

Not to mention the simple fact, that no matter what radiation is out there, we will be assured it is safe and that it couldn’t happen here anyway.

Do you get tired? Does this get old? The Japanese government lies. The Japanese utility company lies. Our government assures us everything is fine. The nuclear industry hires and persuades every half wit hack to write a pro nuclear piece assuring us that everything is just wonderful.

It’s not wonderful. Changes have to be made in the light of what has happened. You cannot dismiss this as an anomaly.

Nuclear power may be a part of America’s energy future, but this is about as far away from an intelligent discussion as can be imagined.

I cannot tell you how many articles I have had to troll through talking the company line.  And to make it more thoroughly, wretchedly disgusting, pretending it is their original thinking and work.

When is there going to be a real national debate not based on corporate PR and a generous helping of campaign money? When is there going to be at least an attempt at deciding with reason and judgment what should be done about nuclear power?

James Pilant


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  1. flyingcuttlefish

    This is a great find.
    I just put up an item about pro-nuke media spin since the radiation fission started. It is an obvious attempt to kill truth about toxic emissions from Fukushima.

    I added yr blog to my sidebar. You have some great articles!


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