Things that Matter: Drug Residue in Chinese Pork (via The Food Ethics Blog)

I have not spoken of Chris MacDonald the last few weeks having been tied up with a number of things, such as the possible melt down in Japan. He is the most important web writer on business ethics. He’s been out there publishing regularly for more than four years.

I subscribe by e-mail. If there is any web site I can recommend, this is number one.

Courtesy of Victoria Packing

This blog post is fascinating and on a subject I was unaware of. You should read it, favorite the site, subscribe and then sit comfortable pleased with your decision making.

James Pilant

You could tell a lot about your average foodie or food-safety advocate by asking them to list food-related issues by level of importance. Some people tend to focus on the latest feel-good trend (e.g., at least some versions of localism) and unsupported conjecture (e.g., many versions of the anti-GMO stance). Others focus on, you know, things that really can hurt us and that really require someone identifiable to take action. Here’s one that reall … Read More

via The Food Ethics Blog

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