Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown-Like Watching A Head On Crash In Slow Motion (via Pobept’s World View)

It is obvious we have some outrage here. It is also obvious that is entirely merited by the utilities and government of Japan.

The author makes good points and as you are probably aware I am a great fan of outrage.

James Pilant

Evacuees demand better/more from Japanese nuclear plant operator Everyday nuclear reactors inch closer to total meltdown. Now rated as being equal to the 1986 Russian, Chernobyl reactor melt down. Rated as a 7 the highest level on an international scale overseen by the International Atomic Energy Agency after new assessments of radiation leaks from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant plant reactor. Operator of the stricken facility appears to be … Read More

via Pobept’s World View