Day 4 Anna Hazare will end fast – What next on Middle Class Mobilization (via Offstumped – Social Media Commentary on India)

Anna Hazare

Who is Anna Hazare and what is his importance to the United States?

About 2 years ago, the United States cut a deal with the Indian government to share nuclear technology. The legislature ratified the treaty. It was a very controversial deal. The Indian government had been a rogue power in regard to nuclear energy having used what was supposed to be peaceful nuclear technology to build a series of atom bombs.

The deal allowed India to access fuel and nuclear technology from the rest of the world making India the only nuclear power a non-signatory to the non-proliferation treaty.

Wikileaks revealed that the American State Department had directly observed enormous sums of cash to be used to bribe enough of the representatives to get the deal through.

Anger in India over this corruption is intense.

Hazare has been fasting to force the government to put in place anti-corruption legislation.

The struggles continues but Hazare appears to have won this round.

James Pilant

4 days on fast Anna Hazare after initially refusing to relent announced that he would end his fast on saturday at 10am. This follows the Manmohan Singh lead UPA Government coming around to his demand of a joint committee of Government and Non-Governmental activists and a co-chair to go with in drafting the next version of the Lokpal Bill. Much has already been said on the perils of an Ombudsman independent of the Constitutional separation of powe … Read More

via Offstumped – Social Media Commentary on India

2 thoughts on “Day 4 Anna Hazare will end fast – What next on Middle Class Mobilization (via Offstumped – Social Media Commentary on India)

  1. I think your focus of attention on US Nuclear Tech as the prime reason for Anna Hazare’s fasting is misplaced. India being considered as a rogue nation as for as Nuclear technology is concerned is as much right as US being considered as such, on Iraq invasion. The corruption charges referred in wikileaks on US-India Nuclear deal is indeed a minor irritant on the overall strategy of Nuclear deal for India’s energy development. On Nuclear proliferation if other nations including US and China follow India, the world would be a better place.

    Anna Hazare went on a fast on corruption that has pervaded the entire nation with 2G scam topping the list of world record of corruption, where Dr. Manmohan Singh’s cabinet member in-charge of Telecom is put behind bars and the judgment is awaited from the Supreme Court of India.

    Anna Hazare took the lead to introduce anti-bribery Act in the Parliament that has been kept in abeyance for the last 42 years. The debate is intense and there will be a definite end to this corruption that is pervading the nation. What other nations like Egypt or even US should learn out of this episode is the mobilization people power in way that can be effected only by a Gandhian. If we run short of honest people the fast will be ineffective and nation’s conscience cannot be stirred. Do you remember there was a flash demonstration in US “You work for us; we don’t work for you.” syndrome that had a momentary spark of protest but dissipated soon. Inside job can get an Oscar award for best documentary but US has to take a documentary to get an award as ‘what’s the way out’. Nation’s sustainability of values become paramount that most nations including US lack miserably.


  2. thsnks to anna hazareji to end hunger strike for the nation & govt.of india. for passing the bill of three demands , all of peoples of india salute tp team anna. all of us with u. for carry our campaign through nov vioilence & peace fullygathering of throughout india & aborad. thanks for issue.


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