NHK World – Germany to Abandon Nuclear Power after Fukushima (via

Events in Japan are having an effect on national policies. I am surprised by the totality of the response.

Do not for one tiny moment believe that the United States will change course on building new reactors. Public opinion means a lot in Europe. It means little here. The beltway is largely immune to the fears and concerns of Middle America. This is a limited democracy. Most public concern and beliefs are filtered before becoming newsworthy or politically important.

We will have the nuclear plants and there is no stopping them.

James Pilant Germany to end reliance on nuclear power – NHK World News German Chancellor Angela Merkel says her government will end its reliance on nuclear power as soon as possible by increasing energy generation from renewable sources. Merkel spoke to reporters about the plan on Friday after meeting with ministers and all 16 state governors to discuss the energy issue. Earlier, she had suspended a … Read More


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