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This is a Commonweal Editorial. It says a lot of things about nuclear power and its future.

Public opinion is in flux right now. With the decision in Germany to give up nuclear power, we can expect more movement among peoples all over the earth to question the viability of nuclear energy. It can be hoped that other nations will reduce their dependence on these kinds of plants and turn to other forms of energy.

I have frankly stated that the United States government is almost a subsidiary of the nuclear energy industry and have predicted that nuclear power plant building will proceed as planned. I have no reason to believe that anything has changed or could change. There is no disaster big enough to deter the government from its plans.

Currently, the American obsession is with profit over all other values. Because of this we can no longer make rational decisions or apply a modicum of thinking to problem solving.

We live in a parched wasteland of the mind. In the public form thinking has ceased to be an important quality. I tell you truly that an intellectual wasteland often results in catastrophe or the creation of real wastelands like those around the Fukushima or Chernobyl nuclear plants.

James Pilant

Commonweal Editorial, April 22, 2011 The Editors of Commonweal Magazine In the weeks since Japan’s massive earthquake and tsunami, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant has spewed contamination and displaced thousands. It has also rekindled fears across the globe about the risks of nuclear power and at least temporarily slowed the industry’s revival in the United States. Overnight, U.S. public opinion turned from cautious support to renewed skeptic … Read More

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