Are Outdoor Surveillance Systems the Big Threat Towards Privacy and Personal Integrity? (via Are Outdoor Surveillance Systems the Big Threat To)

You’d have to look a long time to find a meatier or more significant blog post than this one. Our declining privacy is a crisis. Our lives as individuals are rapidly being diminished. More and more we exist as manipulated numbers, figures in a computer.

When are we going to get concerned? When is this going to become an important issue?

This is an important post. I am deeply impressed. I hope to see more.

James Pilant

We now have a community where it seem necessary to use modern technology to monitor people and property. We might risk that sensitive information about privacy will be compromised (as any computer system is leaking). States and authorities are not the only threat to personal privacy. Companies are taking more stringent measures for enhancing the viability of collecting detailed personal information about its customers, potential candidates for em … Read More

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