The Undead: Life Sciences and Pulp Fiction (via Science. Technology. Ethics. Art. Media. Culture)

The idea that humankind could take control of evolution at this point in history is one I find compelling. The idea of the transhuman, a composite human of flesh and technology is soon to be a reality although the idea of cybernetic Koch Brothers reminds me of Dawn of the Dead without the comedy.

In the future, the mad billionaire will have incredible power to physically self manipulate while the proles will live brief painful lives of servitude to the technological demi-gods. I would hope for better but our society is a road map for the wealthy to manipulate and cheat their way out of social responsibility.

The world of the transhuman self proclaimed John Gaults may be our future, –

Ayn Rand’s cult of selfishness enshrined is a technological hell of demi-gods and worshipers.

James Pilant

The Undead: Life Sciences and Pulp Fiction cf. Director Prof Andy Miah will make two interventions at this remarkable event in Hamburg from May 12-14. The congress is unlike any other and will take place in film sets, which will be shot as scenarios, as though in a movie. Produced by the remarkable Mobile Academy, funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation in cooperation with Kampnagel Internationale Kulturfabrik and Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities. 12 May TRAN … Read More

via Science. Technology. Ethics. Art. Media. Culture

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