I am Flooded!

The flood has damaged my internet cable. Currently I have no service. I am blogging from the college where I teach but I can only be there so many hours a day. So, I will not be blogging as much or at length. I am very sorry.

I don’t know when my internet service will arrive back at full capacity but I will hope. I thank my kind readers for their forbearance and I hope many of you can maintain an interest even if my blogging become sporadic and brief.

Thank You!!

James Pilant

4 thoughts on “I am Flooded!

  1. how comforting .now we are a brotherhood .our sevice provider gives us many more such occasions to wonder and wait.but we are sure our regular visitors to our blogs understand without the need for expalanation.


    1. To be in a brotherhood with you is an honor even in such a small way. And I hope you are right about my readers’ forbearance. Thanks!! James Alan Pilant


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