Montaigne (via The essence of mathematics is its freedom)

Great Stuff. Montaigne is a great writer. My favorite essay is the one about cannibals. (Yes, I have morbid interests.) I don’t recall whether or not I have read all of them but everything he says is in agreement with my own views.

I, myself, prefer Francis Bacon and I recommend him to the author. Start with On Studies. I believe that will get you started in the most elegant manner.

It is good to see someone arguing in favor of classical learning. The Great Books of the Western World still deserve attention!

James Pilant

Montaigne I was introduced to Montaigne when I was 18. I hope to sometime run into the man who introduced me to this work. He sold the stories very well to me, and I devoured the book. He comments in his essays about the absolute range of human endeavour, from frienship, to torture, to sex, to the Education of Children. The American philosopher Eric Hoffer employed Montaigne both stylistically and in thought. In Hoffer's memoir, Truth Imagined, he said of … Read More

via The essence of mathematics is its freedom