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An extension of what has become business as usual. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. The more attention we bring to these issues the greater the chance that honest folks will put an end to it.

There is an emerging situation of monumental proportions RE The New Madrid Fault, and NLE 2011.

We reported on this yesterday at There is an audio report (23) that has potentially life saving information.

PLEASE my friends, email the link to this report to EVERYONE you know.

The people on The New Madrid Fault Line need to know what is coming on May 11.

Thank You and May GOD continue to Bless Us All.


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James Pilant

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    1. I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware anything had happened to him. I had removed him from my favorites list and was no longer following him, so your comment telling me he was gone was the first I knew. His postings became too unusual for me, so I stopped reading him. It was a real pity, he was not without merit. I appreciate you letting me know. Come back and comment any time. James Pilant


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