Majboori Ka Naam Mahatma Gandhi: Why? (via ArpitGarg’s Weblog)

This one is kind of fun. We take a historical figure, place a controversial title or descriptive word, that has existed about him for a long period of time and explore the meanings.

It’s a pretty posting. However, my knowledge of Indian culture is not strong enough to know if the interpretations are correct. But it has the kind of analysis that suggests sincerity.

I would like some feed back. I have to figure out about India. I think there is something important here.

James Pilant

Majboori Ka Naam Mahatma Gandhi: Why? “Kyon bhai sahab, aaj car ki jagah bus se travel?” “Kya karein, Mazboori ka naam Mahatma Gandhi.” We use this phrase all the time. Don’t we? If I ask you, “What does Majboori have to do with Mahatma Gandhi?” Most of you would be stumped. Come to think of it, don’t you feel odd that we have coined our Father of the Nation, Mazboori. In English, Mazboori means obligations, compulsions, and constraints emerging out of sheer helplessness. I asked man … Read More

via ArpitGarg’s Weblog

One thought on “Majboori Ka Naam Mahatma Gandhi: Why? (via ArpitGarg’s Weblog)

  1. Thnx James for finding it worth. Y’day was bonus payout day @office and we all were just trying to kill time. My Iphone gave up on me recently and I am using a nokia handset. A colleague remarked on my phone and I replied, “Mazboori ka naam MG” (Helplessness is MG). And the discussion began.

    Thnx for showing interest in India.


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