Do Not Spam Me Again! (via Paul Daniel’s Views On The World, For What They’re Worth)

As my regular readers are aware I love outrage. I think people should be angry about a lot of what is happening in the field of ethics. This blog is full of outrage and the good kind – directed outrage with an inclination toward action. Not only is our brave blogger upset – he is fighting against those wicked spammers. He should get awards and letters of congratulation. While others gripe, he lets the spammers know what he thinks..

I am delighted to repost this. There is an e-mail exchange he posts that is a must read. I like the wit, the intelligence and the outrage of our writer. Go get ’em.

James Pilant

Thanks to the web site, Paul Daniel’s View on the World, For What They’re Worth.

Do Not Spam Me Again! As far as I’m concerned, most IT recruiters should be transported by air to New Zealand and dropped 30,000 feet into a boiling mud pool. Mind you, I do have a few colleagues who are recruiters, who are generally good people, but generally it hasn’t been a great experience when I have had to deal with them. Unfortunately, the one for whom I have the most respect supports Collingwood. Consider the following e-mail extract, reading from the bottom u … Read More

via Paul Daniel’s Views On The World, For What They’re Worth