What a Week! (via Life’s a Story and All the World’s a Page)

This is a good business ethics story. It has the usual elements, offers, counter offers, money and opportunities. We read these in business ethics. It always boils down to the end of the story – do they take the money and do the right thing? Or cast themselves into darkness?

Here we have the right thing. That’s nice. Sometimes the hero should win.

James Pilant

What a Week! Oh! What a week it’s been! I received a job offer which will take me to St Louis, (tried calling you Jason!) got a counter-offer that would take me to China and Japan, and have tried to keep my spinning head on day-to-day work and family life. My boss was not happy with my reluctance to accept or consider a counter-offer.  It was tempting but once I accepted the other company’s offer, I felt conscience-bound to stick with that commitment.  She di … Read More

via Life’s a Story and All the World’s a Page