Zombie Ants and the Body Politic (via The Conflicted Doomer)

This is a sort of quiet well informed and literate outrage. I don’t see a lot of this kind. It’s a great pleasure. The lead in, discussing zombie ants, is one of the most original I’ve seen. I would read it just for that story if nothing else. But there is more, I was unaware of the situation with the California librarians. (I have a soft spot for librarians having grown up hanging around the stacks of books. I have maintained an interest in  librarians ever since.)

Good writing. I am happy to have an opportunity to share. I’m going to return and have a look from time to time.

James Pilant

My thanks to The Conflicted Doomer!

Zombie Ants and the Body Politic May 14, 2011 What an interesting news week it’s been.  Early in the week, I read a couple of articles about a fungus that infects and takes over the nervous systems of certain ants in the jungles of Brazil and Thailand. The fungus then causes the ant to behave erratically, wandering the jungle for over a week until it finds the “perfect place” on the un … Read More

via The Conflicted Doomer

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