I’m Malwared!

One of my friends on Facebook commented on a post. He included a link. I clicked on the link and the malware loaded itself directly into my computer bypassing my defensive systems which cost me a fortune. I’m  … unhappy.

I have removed the fellow from my Facebook associates since the “Fool me twice” is something I firmly believe in.

I’m not sure what the damn thing is doing. I’m confronted by the choice of wiping my hard drive to get it or hoping my systems will limit the damage.

Thanks for bearing with my computer problems.

James Pilant

2 thoughts on “I’m Malwared!

  1. Holly

    Download “Malwarebytes'” and run the fast scan first, then run the full scan. It’s free and it’s GREAT. I picked up 11 TH’s when I first downloaded it on the short scan.


  2. Holly

    Sometimes it’s not always the person that posts the pix that embeds it with a virus. Someone that does not like the virus can pull it up, load the virus into it, then put it back on the FB page loaded with crap. This is commonly done on FB!!!!!


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