“The sad story of Jiangxi bomber, Qian Mingqi” (via thechinahotline)

Can bombing government offices be justified by crimes committed by public officials? I believe that there can be situations in which such actions can be justified. The crime must be as significant or more significant than the bombing itself. The target of the bomber must be the perpetrator of the crime not someone else. The bomber must have no other recourse.

This does not make it to that standard. Having your home stolen and demolished does not balance out against bombings. Bombings result in death or serious injury. Only blind luck and careful planning delay that inevitable outcome. Bombing public buildings is an excellent way to kill receptionists, janitors and low level functionaries without every getting close to anyone who did the actual harm.

James Pilant

Recently there's been a lot of talk about a man in Jiangxi province who detonated multiple bombs at government offices.  Shanghaiist has put together many of the details, giving us a picture of why he did it:  his home was demolished by the government, something that happens regularly to people across China when local officials are offered enough money by some development company.  It's been a source of true and growing anger among the populace, … Read More

via thechinahotline