ENInews – Archbishop of Canterbury’s comments provoke response from British government (via Persona)

I support the inclusion of religious systems of morality in the national discourse (in this case, international). We have a responsibility to act in a moral way through our government as well as through our own actions.

James Pilant

ENInews¦ Featured Articles. In a strongly-worded opinion piece in the June 9 issue of The New Statesman, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, took a stand against recent economic, criminal justice, and healthcare reforms proposed by British Prime Minister David Cameron. Now, that is what I call a responsible church leader. It makes me feel proud that I am Anglican. You may read HERE Rowan Williams's  article in The New Statesman. … Read More

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One thought on “ENInews – Archbishop of Canterbury’s comments provoke response from British government (via Persona)

  1. Andrew

    While I am not against church members or leaders stating political beliefs, I think we all have to be careful about how we allow church leaders to influence politics. Sure, they represent a certain superstitious form of morality, but one that many people adhere to nonetheless.

    I agree that governments should act morally as individuals are expected to… but arent governments comprised of individuals? Governments, as an organization, become immoral when its people become immoral. I think the problem is that governments, especially large governments, have been elavated and sanctified by their people. The “government” is now seen as something MORE than a group of individuals coming together to manage the affairs of the state in a manner, ideally, fitting with the ideals of that state. I think psychologically, this gives the constituent members of the government organization a paradoxical feeling of ineptitude and indestructibility. They feel inept to create change in the government due to its sheer size and impetus compared to the individual. At the same time, their position of honor, relative to the masses, gives them the feeling that they can do as they please under a veil of power. This tempts the individual to act immorally. We are seeing an increase, in the US, of immoral acts committed by our officials because they seem to lack the discipline to resist these temptations.

    The consequence… because the individual members of the organization cannot act morally, the organization itself is branded with immorality.


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