Should we be concerned, too? (via Keating’s Desk)

It should come as no surprise that I am with the “we should be concerned” group.

However, I went to the web site, “Keating’s Desk,” read the post and almost went on. But I paused and looked at the article before and then I looked at the next one and the one after that. You just don’t want to stop. This is great stuff. A good writer who can think and has important issues in mind when he does.

I’ve added the web site to the favorites and intend to keep up with the writing there.

James Pilant

Should we be concerned, too? Keeping in mind what I wrote here about the safety of nuclear power plants, negligent oversight, and Alabama, this report from Yahoo news should be filed under Scary, too. Officials say that floodwater seeping into the turbine building at a nuclear power plant near Omaha on the banks of the Missouri River is not a safety risk. . . An 8-foot-tall, water-filled temporary berm collapsed at the plant early Sunday. Vendor workers are at the site to de … Read More

via Keating's Desk