Rainbow 6 Leaked; Morality Plays Big (via The Lazy Geeks)

I am really impressed by this. It has been necessary for a long time. If the only way to keep score is to kill as many as possible, you kill as many as possible.

But the world is full of alternative actions. Morality and ethics are important, not only in the world of business but in war and peace.

I used to play a game called Fable in which your characters looks changed to match the moral quality of his actions. My character looked like a hero. No black hat for me.

This is a great development. Let’s give players more choices then choosing 5.45 over 5.56.

James Pilant

Rainbow 6 Leaked; Morality Plays Big Does anyone want to play a game that makes you have to deal with real life choices? Apparently, Ubisoft thinks you do. In a leak from Kotaku, it appears that the new Rainbow 6 game will have a “morality” engine. When you think about it, it is pretty bad ass. If this runs the way that Kotaku claims, it will be one of the most revolutionary games that has come out for First Person Shooters in a long time. I have detailed this game as more of a choo … Read More

via The Lazy Geeks