How Kansas City Honors Lincoln!

Abraham Lincoln and his son, Tad

The sculpture was the result of a community-wide effort lead by Orville W. Anderson, a retired insurance salesman, civic volunteer, and political activist, who raised almost $140,000 to commission the sculpture. The Orville W. Anderson Committee for a Lincoln Memorial solicited funds from trusts, foundations, corporations, and individuals. Included in the erection of the memorial was an endowment for maintenance. IAS files include articles from the Kansas City Times, May 27, 1985 and Sept. 16, 1983, the Kansas City Star, Feb. 10, 1986; and a resolution dated July 28, 1983 by the Kansas City City Council to authorize installation of the monument. (from the Smithsonian Web Site) 

I don’t know about you but I think this is beautiful.

James Pilant