megatons (via Antennas To Heaven)

This is fantastic. You should visit this site just to see the pictures.

Here, we take a trip into the past, one of the missile silos built in the early days of the Cold War.

What remains after fifty years underground of a Titan missile site?

Have a look!

James Pilant

P.S. I cannot give enough credit to the brave souls willing to go into the silo and get these pictures. This is very much a “dungeon and dragons” epic.

megatons After World War II, the United States Air Force began developing a new weapon based on two existing ones: the V-2 rocket from Germany (with the help of a man named Werner von Braun), and the most terrible of all weapons ever devised by men, the nuclear bomb. The fusion of these two technologies was a simple idea, really: make a missile that could be guided to a target, and strap a nuke on the front. The crew entrance to Titan 725B in the middle o … Read More

via Antennas To Heaven