The End of the “News of the World” Get Reactions Across the Net

The Final Headline For The News of The World? This is from a spoof web site having a little fun.

“News of the World” to mercifully end on Sunday.” This blogger was pretty pleased with the whole idea.

News of the World Obituary – I’m beginning to get the impression the News of the World was not loved. This essay was by  Paul and Marian Sinclair who have a very pleasant web site.

Damage Control: Are Rupert Murdoch and David Cameron too late? – News of the World shutdown this Sunday – This is a very nice newsy post with even a little video. I believe it is called “ideas Revolutionary Kempton.” I enjoyed it. You might give it more than one visit.

News of the World axed, but is that the end of the story? The web site 100GF calls for the investigation to continue.

Breaking: News Of The World to publish final edition on Sunday –  A very neutral article from the web site, Trash Lounge.