Only Ed

Only Ed” is the web site of Ed Mortimer. (It is subtitled – News and views on Environmental Sustainability.) He is an amazing blogger. He posts often and well. Mr. Mortimer is also topical and passionate about the issues. I constantly have to avoid the temptation to re-blog everything he puts up. Like me, he often includes posts of things that interest him off the path of his usual issues. I appreciate that. I often worry that my occasional attempts at humor and general interest stories damage my credibility. Nothing I have seen of his posting detracts from his general message. I hope my postings manage that as well.

Here are his last five postings –

1. Located here, the title link takes you to the news article.

Environmental Justice and Quality for All: Baldwin Hills Victory

Agreement Reached to Reduce Urban Oil Drilling in Los Angeles
Settlement Provides Greater Protections to Residents, Drilling Restrictions

2. Located here, the title link takes you to a news article.

Indigenous resistance is the new ‘terrorism’

In Ecuador, protesting for the rights of the Earth and trying to preserve natural resources may make you a “terrorist”.

3. Christian young people to be trained for eco-justice action

4.   Birds may show Japan nuclear disaster’s global effects

And 5.  Women, Poverty and The Environment in Latin America

It might be wise for many of you to favorite this site and maybe even subscribe. Of course, you may not share his environmental concerns, but even if this is the case, the news stories are from all over and are unlikely to be seen without his assiduous pursuit of them.

James Pilant