On Unemployment (via The essence of mathematics is its freedom)

In this articles, a British student thinks about the job market and the unemployed. This guy thinks his own way based on the data before him. In my opinion as an instructor, he may not make a lot of money, but he will spend his life in the world of ideas with a mind never subject to boredom because of inaction. He will live a life rich in thought and deed.

Maybe, just maybe, he hears the music of the spheres.

James Pilant

Firstly it isn't always obvious whether or not technology is a good thing. Tale of two countries the divide between Silicon Valley and the rest of America I came across the above article from Hackers News,and it got me thinking about disruptive technology and its effects on workers. Recently in a conversation with a close friend, he was annoyed at me when I pointed out I could using Maths probably get a job easily once I graduate. With the blend … Read More

via The essence of mathematics is its freedom