The Great Business Quote from the Movie, Sabrina

This is from the movie, Sabrina. It’s one of my favorite movie quotes and it deserves to be more widely known than it is.

James Pilant

The quote –

Bogart – Making money isn’t the main point of business. Money is a by-product. –

Holden: David -What’s the main objective? Power? –

Bogart – Ah! That’s become a dirty word.

Holden – What’s the urge? You’re going into plastics. What will that prove?

Bogart – Prove? Nothing much. A new product has been found, something of use to the world. A new industry moves into an undeveloped area. Factories go up, machines go in and you’re in business. It’s coincidental that people who’ve never seen a dime now have a dollar and barefooted kids wear shoes and have their faces washed. What’s wrong with an urge that gives people libraries, hospitals, baseball diamonds and movies on a Saturday night?

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