The Best of the Debt Ceiling Postings on the Web

Wright Investor Services discusses the debt ceiling debate’s effect on stocks. There is no pro or con here just cold analysis.

eleriravuby in a posting called: Conservative ire threatens GOP debt plan in House (AP)   comments as follows –

For all that, it was the tea party-backed members of Boehner’s own party who continued to vex him, and heavily influence the debt and deficit negotiating terms ? not to mention his chances of holding on to the speakership.

THE DC FOLLY TROLLEY (via Corruptus Maximus) This is not a kind view of the Obama Administration.

It’s a gorgeous road (via A Walternative Universe) Here are some beautiful photographs followed by political commentary – it’s all very well done.

Hurry up and wait…. (via From D.C., With Love) This appears to be an actual participant in the crisis, a D.C. insider. However, she’s not giving up any heads up’s on the crisis.

current politics (via JCS Blog) This writer believes that our current debt ceiling situation is a positive thing. Please read and see what you think.

Here’s a comment from  Predictions (via Tfgray’s Weblog) –

True, I came up with a different reason for Wall Street’s blasé attitude, but there’s a fundamental similarity. They’ve already figured out a way to make money off it. Buy low, sell high is a lot easier to do when everyone is bailing on their investments in order to cover the expenses that their Social Security check used to.

This is a very cynical comment. I really like it. One must appreciate cynicism when it is delivered accurately.

Here is the last of the blog posts I enjoyed (and had time to read). Take a look at this paragraph – this is some pointed writing.  It’s from – The Fairest Game: Servants of Oligarchs (via For The Kindle/Lulu Ebook Lover)

The debt ceiling debates in Washington seem to best illustrate my point. This is the silliest political side show I have ever seen. It seems like we have a lot of those these days with the strange goal of this non official so-called Tea Party leading these power hungry Republicans by the nose rings. In Speaker Beohner, for instance, we have what must be one of the most Lillie livered politician ever to grace the front page of any newspaper. If my memory serves me, I believe it was he who stated that the leader of the republican party was actually Rush Limbaugh. It wasn’t something that he suggested in some round about way, either. For this professional public servant a race/class baiting talk show host was the leader of the Grand Old Party, the party of Teddy Roosevelt, the party of Dwight Eisenhower. It’s men like this, politicians like this who are, next to (very sadly to say) our current President who are the fairest game, the fairest game for the angry public, for comedians, for cartoonists. Why, because what we see speaking to us from the radios and TV sets are the servants of oligarchs. Their actions are meant to fly in the face of the overall public.

Obviously, I could only cover a small proportion of the writing on the net but I do hope you enjoy my selections.

James Pilant


2 thoughts on “The Best of the Debt Ceiling Postings on the Web

  1. tfgray

    Well, thanks James. l wish it weren’t true, but I’m afraid, after working in a call center with worried seniors calling in to ask about selling their IRA investments “just in case,” I smell a bloodbath.



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