Enough Is Enough! Demonstrate the True Will of the People (via Coffee Party USA)

This is from the web site – Coffee Party USA – Here’s the lead in –

CALL TO ACTION: If you do not consent to being governed by corporations or billionaires…If you want to be heard by your government..If you’re ready to stand up for America’s democracy and your dignity as citizens…Join us. Let’s build America’s Tahrir Square.

We are calling for is a peaceful and decisive demonstration to restore  democracy in America.We want to see a million Americans turn up for a march in Washington with satellite rallies in every town and city.

As many acknowledge, we are on the cusp of losing our democracy.  As everyday Americans, we just don’t feel heard by our government or mainstream media. Representation has broken down.

The upward shift in wealth, the outsourcing of jobs, rampant financial speculation: all these are great moral and ethical issues before the American People. I cannot help but see that our institutions seem to have no concern for the great mass of Americans.

I want you to consider joining the March on Washington being organized on the web site. It’s not enough to be angry. It’s time to do something.

James Pilant