Some You Tube Video’s You May Find Interesting in the Context of Business Law

This first selection is a documentary telling the story of how General Motors bought out the public transit systems particularly cable cars and replaced them with bus lines. It’s an older documentary but it’s a good one. You should watch it if only for the scene of the cable cars being put to the torch.

Documentary Film Video General Motors History = Taken for a Ride.flv

This documentary discusses whether faults in the design played a major role in the loss of the ship.

Titanic’s Achilles Heel (2007) History Channel

This one is about an unusual fire in a high rise building in Hong Kong. If you are interested in fire investigation, this one is fascinating.

Blueprint For Disaster – S02E05 – Hong Kong Inferno

Try these three on for size. Remember the rules on tort liability from your business law class and see if you can tell which ones apply.

James Pilant

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