Why Don’t We Just Govern the U.S. with the Default Settings from SimCity?

Because it’s just a video game with the scantiest connections to reality?

First, some background –

Herman Cain 999 Plan: Did It Come From SimCity?

Herman Cain Stole 9-9-9 Plan From SimCity?

Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan Straight Out of SimCity?

That’s right. There is considerable speculation that the current Republican front runner got his inspiration for his tax policy from a eleven year old video game. I’m a little disturbed by this. I was under the impression that economic policy was important. However, all that it seems to take to become a front runner for the nomination is a catchy phrase like 9-9-9 borrowed from a “non-economist.”

However, it does offer some interesting possibilities. You could set up an economic policy where everyone got 200 dollars for passing “GO.” Although where you would put “GO” might be controversial.

Alternately, you could grow up insulated from the real world in a vault hundreds of feet beneath the earth and have to enter the outside world at the age of 18 in a bright blue jump suit with a medium size pistol and a wrist computer (Fallout 3).

Oh, well – you get the picture. Maybe the fantasy world of video gaming should have some distance from being used in the real world as economic policy? However, if you would like to build your own version of the U.S. economy, and set up your own fancy numbers – here is a link for SimCity –

Here’s where you can download Sim City 2000!!

Maybe you could go with 7/11/11?

James Pilant

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