The Police Used Flashbangs on the Crown in Oakland

Scott Olsen injured by the Oakland Police

I’ve watched the film and I can’t draw any other conclusion from the flash of the ordnance on the ground. I’ve attached the You-tube video.

Watch the film –

Aerial view of tear gas crowd dispersal – Occupy Oakland

Here are some new articles about the use of force at the protests:

Occupy Oakland: Did police use flashbangs and rubber bullets on protesters?

Occupy Oakland Protests: Did Police Use A Flash-Bang Grenade?

This is from Think Progress  –

VIDEO: Oakland Police Toss Flash Grenade At Protesters Helping Injured Person | Despite initial denials, Oakland-area police deliberately fired and tossed flash-bang grenades at Occupy Oakland protesters last night, even ones who had been visibly harmed by the police assault. Video shot by KTVU shows flash-bang grenades fired by riot police deep into the protesting crowd. Near the barricades where a Veteran for Peace holds his flag amid tear gas, a protester is knocked down by a flash-bang grenade. After a crowd surrounds the victim, riot police toss more flash-bang grenades into their midst. The police initially denied that officers had used flash-bang grenades. “The loud noises that were heard originated from M-80 explosives thrown at police by protesters,” a statement from the department falsely claimed.

It appears that the police claims that they used neither flashbangs or bean bag or rubber bullets were just nonsense. There are too many films and recovered fired ordnance.

James Pilant

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