The Documentary, Gasland was RIGHT!


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EPA links fracking to contaminated water in Wyoming | McClatchy

I have used the documentary, Gasland, in my class. The EPA has found clear evidence that hydraulic fracking has contaminated the ground water in a large area. This is evidence that Josh Fox’s crusade against unregulated fracking is based on sound science and I think he is owed an apology by many in the gas industry.

From what I am seeing, Gasland is on its ways to becoming the most influential documentary in modern American history as state after state and region after region struggle with the issues Josh Fox had the courage to bring before the public.

James Pilant

From the McClatchy article –

The EPA initially gathered water from privately owned wells and municipal wells. The presence of methane and hydrocarbons, including diesel, in groundwater led to further testing, including the EPA’s drilling of two monitoring wells. The EPA also tested waste pits for possible contamination. In its two years of sampling of the pits and the monitoring wells, the EPA found benzene, xylenes, diesel and other hydrocarbon compounds, among a list of unusual agents in the water.

EPA links fracking to contaminated water in Wyoming | McClatchy

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