Arizona Humane Society Kills Scruffy

Humane Society; Sparks Outrage By Euthanizing Man’s Kitten Over Money

I was more than a little surprised by this. The Arizona Humane Society was unable to find the money to help Scruffy or take a credit card over the phone but was able to hire a publicist and scrub its Facebook site of all those nasty comments made by people who were obviously unaware of the souless minions running its operations. I went to the Facebook site for the organization and if you want to see professional damage control in action, I recommend it as a model. If it weren’t for their own carefully written remarks suggesting alternate places to write your complaints, you wouldn’t have know known that some poor cat had been wacked.

From the article –

Animal lovers threatened to pull donations to an animal rescue group and the public flooded the agency with scathing comments and calls after a man’s cat was euthanized when he couldn’t afford its medical care, prompting the Arizona Humane Society to go into damage-control mode Wednesday.

The group has hired a publicist, removed dozens of comments on its Facebook page and directed a team of five volunteers to respond to the overwhelming calls and emails it has received since The Arizona Republic published a weekend story about Daniel Dockery and his 9-month-old cat, Scruffy.

Humane Society‎ Sparks Outrage By Euthanizing Man’s Kitten Over Money

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