Banker Really Sticks it to the 99%!

I’ve read from time to time about the sense of entitlement of the 1%. They feel they deserve their money. Now, they often make it with public money speculating against the interests of their fellow citizens, but they would argue that if we would get off our lazy butts, we too could manipulate Congress and parley our influence into millions of dollars. I think I will continue to work my two jobs and not use the government to become rich. I think that makes me stupid by the standards of Wall Street and the “very serious” people who deal out the loathsome pap we get for news and commentary.

Well, here is entitlement, hard core nastiness delivered with the joy of a gangbanger stabbing you for two bucks in a back alley.

James Pilant

BY THE WAY: The banker is unable to use percentages correctly! Apparently the skill set for banking doesn’t include mathematics.

Banker Leaves 1% Tip On $133 Lunch Bill In Defiance of ‘The 99%’ [UPDATED]

Courtesy of futureexbanker.wordpress

A banker left a 1% tip in defiance of ‘the 99%’ at a Newport Beach restaurant the other week, according to his dining companion and underling who snapped a photo of the receipt and posted it to his blog, Future Ex Banker. (Update: the blog is now offline.)

Banker Leaves 1% Tip On $133 Lunch Bill In Defiance of ‘The 99%’ [UPDATED]

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